There is nothing cuter than a baby! Whether it’s a baby human or a baby animal, there is something about babies that makes them practically irresistible.

It’s so fun to watch babies because they are constantly exploring and trying to learn about the world around them. Everything is new to them, and they watch us to try and learn the things they will need to know as they grow up.

In the animal kingdom, most adult animals have learned to be afraid of humans, but it’s clear this little lion cub hasn’t learned that lesson yet.

This inquisitive little guy is unbothered by the people with cameras surrounding him as he explores his new territory. Then, probably trying to copy his daddy, he attempts to let out a powerful roar, but the adorable cub can’t quite get one out.

The noise he makes instead is enough to make the hardest heart melt! Click below to hear it for yourself:


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