As an elementary school lunch lady, Shelly Mistler Harrison sees all kinds of things. Some are cute and funny while others can be disheartening, but what she witnessed the other day left her in tears.

As she got things ready for the lunch rush, Shelly noticed a man sitting in the cafeteria with a small bouquet of roses and a Happy Meal from McDonald’s. Curious, she asked him what he was doing, and his answer melted her heart.

The man’s name is Travis Altman. He is a lineman from Florida and has been out of town for weeks working to get power restored for the millions of people who were impacted by Hurricane Irma.


Finally back home, Travis wanted to surprise his young daughter, Taylor, at school.

Shelly was so touched by Travis’ sweet gesture that she asked if she could film and share the reunion. Travis said yes and we’re so glad he did – we can’t get over Taylor’s priceless reaction when she realized her daddy was finally home!

It’s clear this daddy and daughter have a very close and special relationship. We know it’s been hard for both of them while Travis has been away working, but we are so thankful to him and others like him who are willing to sacrifice and work hard to help others.

We’re happy Travis was finally able to come home, but we know the happiest one of all is Taylor!

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