There is something so graceful and mesmerizing about ballroom dancing that makes it hard to look away. The trust that two dancers have to have and the beauty of their movements make the dances truly breathtaking.

Never is the trust between dancers seen as powerfully as when partners Alexander Bogdanov and Maria Keyzman take the floor together.

Alexander is a 25-year-old dancer from Russia. Growing up he always loved to dance, but after he was blinded in a tragic accident he didn’t know if he would ever be able to dance the way he loved again.

That’s when his “guardian angel” Maria stepped in and helped him get back on the dance floor.

This dance is a beautiful interpretation of Alexander’s life and the pair’s own beautiful story. Maria leads Alexander onto the dance floor and when the music starts they begin to dance across the room.

If you didn’t know Alexander was blind you would never guess it. The timing and the fluidity of this couple’s movements is perfect.

Both of these dancers are placing a lot of trust in each other. Alexander is trusting Maria to keep him safe and lead him to the right places, and Maria is trusting that Alexander won’t drop her or hurt her when they do complicated spins and lifts.

At one point in the routine Alexander appears to trip over Maria and he falls to the floor, devastated. It is a representation of when he was blinded. The Maria comes over and helps him, lifting him up and helping him to see the light and good that is still in the world.

Make sure you watch this dance until the end – the couple does an incredible move that leaves the entire room absolutely speechless before they erupt in applause.

Watching this will show you very clearly the joy Alexander finds in dance. In the midst of the darkest time in his life dance helped him find his way back.

“When I dance,” he said, “my world is filled with light.”


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