I love to walk around larger cities and listen to the various street musicians play. Sometimes what they are playing is nothing that special, but every once in a while you will come across a musician who is a true artist.

You just never know when you will come across incredible talent. Sometimes that talent is the person right next to you watching.

Such was the case when this man walked up to a group of street musicians playing outside of Florence’s Duomo and asked if he could join them.

The man happened to be Korean musician Jun-Hyuk Choi.

Choi plays the double bass, and the trio’s regular bass player graciously allowed him to use his instrument for a little while.

The new trio launched into “Autumn Leaves,” a jazz standard and one they were all familiar with.

Choi usually plays an instrument with four strings and this one only has three, so it was a bit of an adjustment for him, but listening to him play you would never know it! The trio drew quite a crowd who tapped their feet along with the music.

It was such a beautiful picture of cultures coming together in harmony.

Click below to watch the impromptu performance for yourself:


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