You can always count on kids to keep you on your toes. The way their minds work is absolutely amazing sometimes – they are just able to see the world so differently from adults. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s insightful, sometimes it just makes your heart melt, but one thing’s for sure – it’s always adorable.

In this video making its way around the Internet, an adorable little boy has found the best use we’ve ever seen for a Ziplock bag. The video shows him blowing kisses on his hand and then stuffing his hand into the bag.

When asked what he’s doing the little tot replies, “I’m saving kisses.”

Does it get any cuter than that!?

This little kid clearly has a lot of love in his heart and just wants to share it with the world.

I know one thing – I would love to receive a bag of kisses from this little one. How could that not make your day?

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