Photoshoots are becoming more and more popular these days. With the advent of the digital camera, taking portraits has become easier and cheaper than ever before. Now, instead of only using a photographer to document their biggest days – like their wedding day – more and more people are hiring photographers to capture their other big moments – like engagements, pregnancies, and births – as well as just capture special images of their families as they grow and their children as they grow up.

Mother and photographer Anna Rozwadowska has a special touch when it comes to taking portraits of children, especially her own, Jacob and Barbara. Not only does she capture their sweet, playful innocence, she does it in incredible settings and with fantastical costumes and props. The images she captures are incredibly special keepsakes that their family will be able to cherish forever.

Even though she’s busy raising her kids and working as a teacher, Rozwadowska somehow still manages to find the time to create the adorable costumes and take the beautiful photos. She said the combination of photography, sewing, and her kids “have made me who I am now.” Check out some of her magical portraits below.

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