What started as a (twisted) prank five years ago has turned into an annual day-after-Halloween tradition as late night talk show host Jimmie Kimmel has parents tell their kids they ate all of their Halloween candy and then film their reactions.

Many of the kids cry, and some even scream at their parents and tell them they don’t like them anymore.

Now, you have to remember that these kids worked very hard for their candy, going door to door all night to collect their loot, and they are also probably suffering from lack of sleep and a sugar hangover. Once you remember that, their reactions don’t seem quite so over-the-top!

Not all of the reactions are bad, though. Some of the kids are so sweet and forgiving toward their parents and their reactions will melt your heart. I think the girl’s reaction at the end is the best one of all!

Check out Jimmy Kimmel’s 6th annual “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy” compilation and let us know what you think in the comments. Is this prank hilarious, or is it just cruel?


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