Baker Ayarel has mastered the art of the cake, and not in any ordinary way.

Ayarel first began training in baking back in 2002. That is where this creative, color-changing cake technique came about. It has taken years of practicing to finally perfect the method.

When this cake was first introduced, people thought the whole thing was fake! It’s completely real, though, as you can see in the video below.

As you spin the cake it starts to give the illusion that it’s changing colors, but really it’s not.

In the video, Ayarel uses a sheet cake and a decorating airbrush. The effect can be done using two colors, though the baker recommends people use complementary colors for a cool-toned contrast.

In this video you can obviously see that Ayarel sprays each section of the cake with a different color, and when it’s spun it changes to a different one.

Check it out by clicking below!