Most Americans work hard day in and day out, five days a week, to make ends meet. We look forward to our days of not working: weekends and vacations with our families. It’s not always easy to afford a vacation and many Americans opt for a “staycation,” which is basically staying at home and resting from the exhaustion of the rest of the year.

One option for being able to actually afford a vacation is to create a special vacation fund. You put a little money into it every payday and let it slowly build up so that you’ve got a small chunk to enjoy a week or so with your family during the summer or the holidays.

One couple worked really hard to save up $800 for their annual vacation, but the husband decided on his own to spend the money on something else. You see, he was a teacher, and every single day he saw one of his students wearing the same outfit over and over. At first, the teacher thought that it was maybe a wardrobe choice. Kids do that. But he decided to ask the student and the student’s answer was heartbreaking.

As it turns out, this young person lived with his grandfather in poverty and couldn’t afford clothing more suitable for winter weather. He was already working a part-time job and even with that, they were barely making ends meet.

Without hesitation, the teacher did what most good-hearted people would do. He offered to give the student his vacation money so that he could buy some clothing and food. There was only one problem: breaking the news to his wife. Here is the text conversation.

The response on Imgur was overwhelmingly heartfelt.

¬†There is no better way to show holiday spirit than to give to others. When you’re giving up something of value to help another human being, that love will be returned to you ten-fold. We hope this loving family has a wonderful, joy-filled holiday season. We know that the student has renewed faith in humanity.