Justin Gaspaire shared the proud moment when he and his wife Dakita went out in public together and she was comfortable going without her usual wig.

Dakita was diagnosed with scarring alopecia years before they met. The condition causes inflammation that destroys hair follicles, often leading to irreversible hair loss.

Of course, that didn’t matter to Justin. He loved Dakita just the same and now looks back fondly at the moments when she first shared her “secret” with him, and then when she felt confident enough to show him in person.

“I can remember the first time she showed me pics that she was bald. I remember the first time she showed me her bald head in real life. I remember the first pic we took together with her being bald.”

Recently, he marked a milestone as the couple went out together and Dakita was brave and confident in public with him without a wig. He shared the picture of a smiling couple that shares a strong love and also a common lack of hair: “two bald eagles,” as he put it.

“And now I will always remember the first time we went out together bald.”

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"My wife went out with me for the first time without a wig. She was diagnosed with scaring alopecia(hoping I spelled…

Posted by Victory Today on Monday, September 10, 2018


In the comments, Dakita Gaspaire was overcome with all the love and support she received, and also shared much more about her daily struggles:

“The tears are flowing uncontrollably! ❤ You ALL are so wonderful. We are so humbled and grateful for your kindness.
We had no idea this was even in here. We found it by accident, and are so happy we did.

My husband, Justin. (He’s a unicorn, right?!?!), I could not do this thing called life without him, and I wouldn’t want to…He married me knowing I was not well. In sickness and in health…Right?!?! I was recently diagnosed with RA/OA/FIBROMYALGIA…and a few other things.

I was first, misdiagnosed. Then, I had to fight for a diagnosis. This man has loved, and continues to love me through it ALL!

Almost 4 years after exchanging vows, we have YET to go on a honeymoon. There are not enough words in the English language to express what he means to me. The best thing I ever did for my ❤ was marry him!

Our love is the stuff of legend!

I saw a few of you ask what I look like with hair. Well, I have not had my REAL hair in almost 15 years. So. Don’t be disappointed. ?

However. Here is a pic of me, in my favorite wig:

Well, tbh, they are ALL my favorite wig!.=)

Dakita Gaspaire from Facebok

Dakita Gaspaire from Facebok

We hope that very soon, Dakita and Justin go on their honeymoon at last. We thank them for sharing a beautiful story with all of us and hope that it helps those suffering from hair loss to realize they are beautiful just the way they are.

Dakita Gaspaire via Facebook

Dakita Gaspaire via Facebook

Featured image: Screenshots via Facebook