As a kid, I wrote many letters to Santa, though I don’t recall what I asked for. I was fortunate enough to have the necessities, but I knew some children weren’t as lucky as me.

During the holiday season, my church has a giving tree. On its branches are tags with basic information about a child: age; clothing size; shoe, sock, or glove size. When it comes to wishing big for Christmas, these children don’t ask for things like dolls, game consoles, or Leggos. They request items like socks, gloves, pajamas, and clothing – things that seem like basic necessities to most of us, but are luxuries to them.

Too many kids can’t enjoy the holiday season because they don’t have all they need to live a happy, healthy life. One little boy recently wrote a letter to Santa that showcases this very point.

Louis Williams is 9 years old. He lives with his mom, Nicola, and sisters, Emilie and Olivia, in a two-room abode.

Nicola works two jobs, but she just can’t seem to get on her feet. The family has been shuffled from unit to unit of temporary government housing and Louis has already lived in fourteen different housing units. Aside from being very cramped, their current place is very damp.

One day at school, Louis collapsed. The stress of his living situation was too great a burden for his young narrow shoulders to bear.

Louis’ grades are also poor. His living accommodations don’t allow him or his family members to have any private space of their own.

Their current situation prompted the little boy to write a letter to Father Christmas in the hopes things would change. He didn’t ask for toys or games, but the one thing he did ask for has touched hearts around the globe. 

“This year for Christmas please can I have a forever home,” the little boy wrote. “I don’t want any new toys I just want all of my old toys that are in storage, and I would like my own Lego bedroom with a desk to build my models. Everyone is sad living here, and I just want us to be happy again. Thank you and have a lovely Christmas. Love from Louis Williams.”

Louis’s letter left his mother crushed. As a parent, she feels the weight of the responsibility to provide the basics for her children.

“It winds me up because I work two jobs,” she said. “I work hard but just can’t afford the rent down here. 

“He has never had a somewhere he can call home,” she continued. “I feel like I’ve let him down. Seeing what all the other children are asking for, this breaks my heart. I do my best as a mother, but this was gutting.”

There are many children like Louis and his sisters who are just hoping for the most basic of necessities this holiday season. We hope that by sharing this story, Louis’ family and many others like it will find their guardian angels.

If you would like to help bring Christmas joy to a child in need, you can join Angel Tree or The Salvation Army, along with many other wonderful organizations, in the work they are already doing!

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