I remember how much I wanted a sibling to play with when I was younger. I would sit and imagine all the fun things we would do together. And I was lucky – I got exactly what I wanted: a little brother and a little sister!

While some kids may not always be happy to learn that they are getting a new addition to the family, I can totally relate to the reaction of the little boy in this video.

He had wanted a sibling for years and had been begging his parents for a little brother or sister. One day his dad sat him down and showed him an ultrasound picture on his phone.

The boy studied it for a little bit and told his dad he could see a baby’s face in the picture.

“Do you know what it is?” his dad asked.

“What?” he responded.

“Your brother,” his dad replied.

Then, even bigger news: they were expecting twins!

The boy’s reaction is just priceless. You can tell he has been wanting this for a very long time and his joy is just too great for words.

Click below to see his precious reaction for yourself!

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