When bus driver Renita Smith noticed smoke and flames coming out of the back of her bus, she knew she had to act fast. After pulling over to the side of the road she made sure all of the kids – ages 4 to 10 – got off safely, returning to the smoke-filled bus until she was sure all 20 kids were off.

The mother of two has been hailed a hero by many, but she insists she was just doing her job.

“Its my job,” she said. “They’re my babies until I give them back to you.”

Ellen DeGeneres was so blown away by Renita’s heroic actions that she asked her to come tell her story on her show.

Renita has received many awards and accolades since her heroic deed, but when Ellen found out the single mom was living paycheck to paycheck she knew she wanted to do something to help.

What Ellen did next left Renita completely stunned. Click below to see the big surprise for yourself!


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