When Rachel Sylvester, who runs an animal rescue organization called Sidewalk Specials, got a text about a litter of puppies that needed help right away, she raced to help them. When she got there, she couldn’t believe what she found. The litter of seven was ridden with fleas, ticks, and worms.

While the dogs’ owner agreed to let Rachel take the puppies, they wouldn’t surrender the mother dog. The puppies were sad and missing their mother, and Rachel knew the mama dog was not doing well either.

She finally convinced the owner to let her take the mother, but by the time she got her she feared it might be too late. Severely malnourished, the vet only gave her a 50/50 chance of survival.

That’s when Rachel decided to reunite the mom and her puppies. The moment when she finally sees her babies is one that is sure to warm your heart!

Thankfully, once they were under proper care and finally back together as a family, all of the dogs began to improve. Today they are doing well and most of them have been adopted into loving homes!

Click below to watch the heartwarming reunion for yourself!

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