Last week, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan headed to Ireland to carry out their first official royal visit as a married couple. While The Duke and Duchess of Sussex greeted royal watchers and shook hands, unknown to them was a young woman in the crowd who had a very special gift.

Chloe Mullins, 19, held in her hands the frame of a sketch she created herself. She hoped the royal couple would notice. And indeed they did.

Meghan’s jaw dropped when she gets a glimpse of Chloe’s work of art. She’d recreated one of their engagement photos.

Prince Harry commented: “That’s very, very good. Did you draw that? It’s lovely.”

He then said something that caused Meghan to burst out with laughter: “And you’ve given me more hair,” the prince laughed, causing Markle to burst into laughter, too.”

Chloe was delighted when they gladly accepted the sketch she offered. She posted this on Instagram.

“Ya girls artwork is going in Kensington Palace? Delighted to have gotten to talk to them and have them keep my drawing? they’re genuinely so nice!!!❤”

“Can we have it?” Prince Harry asked her. “Are you sure?””

She posted this on social media after her cool meet-and-greet with the couple who have been married for just under two months. “Still not over meeting them… couldn’t ask for a better compliment than Meghan saying my drawing  “looked like a photo” and was “so special” ❤❤ Great day!  #royalvisit #drawing #royalfamily #meghanandharry”

Chloe couldn’t believe her luck. She was more taken aback at how kind, warm and nice the pair were. “Delighted to have gotten to talk to them and have them keep my drawing they’re genuinely so nice!!!”

Most artwork kept by royalty is expensive and created by well-known masters. Sometimes they commission specific pieces. It’s rare that they’ll accept gifts given to them by strangers during events. I wonder what’s next for Chloe.