At a recent concert in West Palm Beach, Florida, singer Gwen Stephani spotted a woman holding up a white poster board sign in the middle of the large audience. Unable to make out all of the words, but knowing it said something important, she asked the woman to pass the sign up to the stage.

“My son was bullied from 1st to 5th grade,” the sign read. “He would come home every day upset, but he would go to his room, listen to your music and smile.”

As soon as Gwen read the sign she told the young boy to “Get up here right now!”

The crowd helped the boy, Brandon, get up to the stage. As he stood in front of Gwen she grabbed his arms and raised them high above his head in a display that showed the world his strength and courage. As Brandon stood in front of the crowd, tears streaming down his face, he was met with wild applause.

What many in attendance may not have realized at the time was that the moment was not just a powerful one for young Brandon – it touched Gwen deeply as well. She posted a video of the encounter on her Facebook page and wrote a caption for it that showed how special the moment was for her too.

“About 3 years ago when things were hard in my life I prayed to God everyday that I could get a chance to use my gift that God gave me and make a difference in some way in this world,” she wrote, “last night this little guy was the answer to my prayers‪#‎zerotoleranceforbullies‬ ‪#‎onelove‬‪#‎thisiswhatthetruthfeelslike‬

Gwen invited Brandon back onstage when the band took their final bow and brought him and his mom backstage after the concert to meet her sons, who are close to his age.

Hopefully Gwen’s kind act will help make it clear to others that bullying of any kind is unacceptable and encourage people to show more kindness.

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