Typically, a groom walking away from the altar in the middle of a wedding would spell disaster – the guests would be shocked, the bride would be in tears, families would begin fighting.

In this special case, though, the groom leaving the altar turned out to be one of the most beautiful moments of the whole day.

As the couple faced each other to begin their vows, the groom suddenly asked the priest to hold on one second and began to walk away. From the priest’s reaction and the bride’s face, it was obvious that they weren’t in on whatever he was about to do.

But the bride’s look of confusion and shock quickly turned to love and admiration as she saw who her groom had just left her for.

Click below to watch the incredible moment for yourself:

Before he made his vows to his bride, this groom wanted her and her daughter to know that he was in it for both of them.

He asked his soon-to-be step-daughter, Marissa, to come talk to him for a second. In front of all their witnesses, the groom assured Marissa of how much he loved her mom and how much he loved her and was honored and blessed to have her in his life.

“Just like I promised your mom with a diamond, I had to get you one too,” he then told her. “It’s in the shape of a heart, so you’ll always have a piece of my heart with you.

“I love you, and I promise to treat you nothing less than my own daughter, ever,” he continued. “And I’ll love you forever, okay?”

The moment couldn’t have been sweeter, and it’s one this new family will be able to cherish forever.

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