The bonds between family members are usually strong. They are precious whether we can spend years with those we love or just minutes. Memories are always created and cherished.

Joy Phero, 20 was raised by her grandparents. Charles “Buck” Marshall, otherwise known as “Pop Pop” played a major influence in her life.

“He taught me how to be strong and how to keep my chin held high in the toughest of situations,” she said.

So when Joy became pregnant and finally had her baby, she couldn’t wait for her Pop Pop to meet her. She gave birth to Chloe May in the same New Jersey hospital where Pop Pop was receiving treatment for pancreatic cancer. With the help of nurse Randi Boucher, Joy managed to travel a few floors to her beloved grandfather’s room so the two could be introduced.

Their meeting was captured on video. It’s beautiful to watch.

“My biggest fear my whole pregnancy was my Pop Pop not being able to meet Chloe,” Phero wrote on Facebook.

Joy had nothing to worry about after all. Her dear Pop Pop got to hold his great-grandchild before he passed away.