When Leann and her husband went to visit her Grandpa Ried to tell him they were expecting, she knew he would be excited, but she never could have anticipated his reaction to what she told him next!

She had kept her pregnancy a secret for three months and couldn’t wait to tell the great-grandpa-to-be. When she handed him the card with the ultrasound images in it, his reaction was priceless.

It took him a second to figure out what he was looking at, but as soon as he saw it he threw the card in the air, yelling “Hot dog!”

“Are you serious? Are you serious?” he asked, holding onto the wall for support.

Then Leann dropped another bombshell that just about took Grandpa Ried to his knees.

Click on the video below to watch this grandpa’s priceless reaction (WARNING: Contains language that may be offensive to some readers):

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