Weddings are supposed to be joyous affairs when family and loved ones can gather together to celebrate the special union. When one of those loved ones is missing, though, their absence is greatly felt.

Such was the case when Julia got married recently. When her grandmother had to go to the hospital before her wedding she was heartbroken that she wouldn’t be there to see her get married. Her grandmother was equally heartbroken not to be there.

On the day of the wedding some of the family members came to visit Grandma and told her to change out of her hospital clothes and put on the dress she had bought for the wedding.

She had no idea what was going on as they wheeled her out of the room, but then she saw someone come around the corner and she couldn’t believe her eyes…


The beautiful bridal party left the wedding and came to the hospital so Julia’s grandma could be part of the special day. Her reaction to the surprise says it all!

“You couldn’t come so we came to you,” Julia tearfully told her grandmother as she gave her a big hug.

“Everyone cried their eyes out it was so beautiful,” said family member Amber Seeling.

“Nothing felt as good as seeing her smile,” she added, “it was so beautiful.”

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