This story came to us via Sunny Skyz. It showcases a simple act of human kindness one human being extends to another. It will warm your heart as it did mine.

Sabrina Loughman is a high school senior. She just happens to have Down Syndrome. When it came time for her school’s prom, she had plans to attend it alone because she didn’t have a date. That was until Steven Kurisco asked her.

Sabrina’s older sister, Victoria, and the football player’s sister concocted a plan. And when he was informed of his starring role, Steven was all for it, his mother Kara said.

Sabrina attended her prom alongside a handsome athlete. Her mother, Cathy Hunt, said she had a huge smile on her face as she walked in arm-and-arm with the football and lacrosse player.

“Sabrina is a great kid,” Cathy said. “I just think it’s a pretty amazing thing for her self-esteem for her to be able to walk in with this boy.”

Kathy wanted Steven to be recognized for his act of kindness. “That’s what I tell my kids. ‘Money and everything is wonderful, but I just want you to be good people’,” Hunt said. “People don’t put enough emphasis on kindness and empathy. That is exactly why  I wanted Stephen to be recognized.”

Not all young people are out to cause trouble; some already know their purpose in this world and have their life goals mapped out. Steven is one of these folks who realizes the importance of giving back and helping others.