With the death and memorial of the great former U.S. Pres. George H.W. Bush in recent news, inspiring stories about the former president are surfacing. One such story involves a child who had leukemia.

The Secret Service has shared a special memory of the beloved former president. When Pres. Bush learned in 2013 that a little boy named Patrick, a child of one of his Secret Service agents, had leukemia, he decided he’d shave his head in solidarity with the child and the rest of the team, who had also shaved their heads. Here is the photo of little Patrick with Pres. Bush, and one of the rest of the Secret Service group who shaved their heads in solidarity.

The tweet that the Secret Service put out this morning referred to the late president with his Secret Service code name: Timberwolf.

This wasn’t just a token gesture for Pres. Bush. He knows first-hand about childhood leukemia and how devastating it can be. He and his wife Barbara lost a little girl, Robin Bush, to leukemia in 1953 at the tender age of three. Here are two photos of Robin, courtesy of Wikipedia and the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library.



The devasting loss left a lasting impact on the former president, who said this:

“Well, when I die, I’m going to be reunited with the people I’ve lost. I hope I see Robin, and I hope I see my mom. I haven’t yet figured out if it will be Robin as the three year old that she was, this kind of chubby, vivacious child or if she’ll come as a middle-aged woman, an older woman… I hope she’s the three year old.”

As for little Patrick? He’s doing much better and now has hair, as the former president himself tweeted in 2016, three years after the original photo was taken.

Pres. George H.W. Bush died last Friday at the grand old age of 94, following his beloved wife Barbara who died in April. He will be buried at the George H.W. Bush presidential library beside Barbara and his little Robin.