First Lady Melania Trump took part in the annual Toys for Tots event at the Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling military base in Southwest, Washington, D.C. There, she sorted and donated toys and interacted with Santa and the kids of military families. The kids volunteered to help, sitting at tables to color and organize the loot for needy families. One little girl, in particular, was thrilled to meet Melania.

You could see that Jackie Rodriguez, 7, was tickled pink when Melania sat down beside her at a table with the kids sorting presents and coloring cards.

Later, her mother told the Daily Caller:

“It was a dream come true for little Jackie,” said Nancy Rodriguez.

Nancy Rodriguez explained that her daughter had been looking forward to the moment. It was a dream come true when the First Lady gave her some personal attention, sitting and coloring with her for 20 minutes.

First Lady Melania colors with Jackie Rodriguez

First Lady Melania colors with Jackie Rodriguez


“She has been waiting for this day,” Nancy Rodriguez told the Daily Caller. “She has been talking non-stop about meeting Mrs. Trump.”

“This is her Christmas dream come true.”

The child’s father, Navy Captain Jose Rodriguez was “stunned and amazed” when he saw Trump giving so much one-on-one attention to his little girl.

When it was time for the First Lady to move on, Jackie was clearly distraught, crying because she wanted more time coloring. She held on to the drawing that the two worked on together. During their coloring session, the pair clearly enjoyed the experience together.

“She’s crying because Mrs. Trump is gone,” Nancy Rodriguez said.

Following the day coloring and sorting toys with the First Lady, Jackie’s parents asked what she wanted for Christmas. She answered that she wanted to go see Melania at the White House.

“I pointed her toward Santa Claus and told her to ask him — he just might know someone,” said Nancy.

Melania Trump with Santa and Jackie Rodriguez

Melania Trump with Santa and Jackie Rodriguez

Melania Trump at Toys for Tots event with Santa


The U.S. Marine Corps Reserve has collected for gifts Toys for Tots since 1947. It’s an effort that Melania loves and has looked forward to since she took part last year.

“I have been looking forward to this event ever since last years’ ended,” said Melania.

“As a mother, I feel children are the most precious gift of all.”

Melania, as part of her “Be Best” campaign, wants to send hopeful messages to children and prepare them for the future.

“I believe in the good work that Toys for Tots is doing. Their mission to send messages of hope to children and motivate them to grow into responsible, patriotic citizens and community leaders is so important to our society.”

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