Normally a story about a fireman climbing three stories to get to a 105-year-old woman’s apartment would be a frightening one, but this is not an ordinary story!

Ivena Smailes, or “Aunt Ivy” as she is known, loves to think of wild and outlandish things to ask for for her birthday. Last year she tried to get her caretakers to climb a tree because she didn’t think they’d be able to, but this year she had something even crazier up her sleeve.

For her 105th birthday Ivy said she wanted a “hot fireman” to bring her her birthday cake.

The hilarious request was one her local fire department just couldn’t pass up. The Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service sent one fireman to climb up to her floor to deliver her cake, and then the entire crew came out to surprise her.

It sounds like Aunt Ivy is quite the firecracker, and we’re sure this is one birthday she – and everyone else who was with her – won’t soon forget!


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