As part of our core mission to impact the world for good, So Share This will be highlighting the charities we help support.

In our first installment we are featuring a good friend of ours who has a heart for improving children’s lives. If you would like more information, please contact us or check out the links embedded throughout the article!

Heshie 2Charity Name: Kids Better World

Mission: Providing the basic human needs of all children, equipping them with the Values of Diversity, Self-Determination, and Responsibility as the path to a prosperous, joyful, and humane life.

Founded: 1996


1996: Birth of the What If™ organization (Expanding The World Of Possibilities For Young People)

The What If Mission Statement: What If is dedicated to enhance the educational and life experiences of youth and young adults by training them to expand their vision of what is possible, empowering them to become fully responsible for the results they produce and offering opportunities for contribution to the world. What If encourages new standards and practices for leadership, team work and accountability and operates on the foundation that young people are empowered when their actions are based on choice and integrity.

The What If’s greatest achievements were in representing the United States at a GLOBAL YOUTH Conference in Hawaii and working diligently in inner city schools.

2010: This is the year their vision and mission changed as a result of their founder, Heshie Segal’s, first trip to Africa. She realized quite quickly that children with empty bellies, a lack of clean water, and an unstable – if any – roof over their heads, could hardly think of making a contribution in the world.

The orphans she encountered had one focus: survival. They had no one to nurture them emotionally, no education to enlighten them or give them even some basic tools, and no positive role models. And so she realized leadership, team work, responsibility, accountability, etc. would have to wait for these kids until their human needs could be moved beyond survival.  

2012: Heshie learned that 5,000 children die every day from drinking polluted water. This statistic shocked her to the core. She had to switch her attention to providing those basic human needs so kids would stand a chance – a chance to be a part of those who make a positive difference, really care for their fellow human beings and the environment, and are dedicated to ensuring their lives matter.

This was also the year of the inception of Kids Better World and Puritii for Humanity, which helps kids get access to clean water. Basic needs had to be provided, contaminated water deaths stopped, and, where appropriate, character education provided. 

Heshie 3

2016: Kids Better World’s main short-term focus is on water. The grassroots movement Puritii for Humanity is already impacting the 5,000 children who die every day from drinking contaminated water, albeit in a modest way. There are now Puritii water systems on every continent, and their commitment is to have distributed 1,000,000 of these systems by December 31, 2020.

The system consists of a portable container with a 4” special filter that replaces 400 plastic bottles (as the technology continues, it will replace more and more). The systems purifies the water to 99.9999%, taking out bacteria, protozoa, and everything else that is harmful. It supplies about 50 gallons of clean, pure water, and can be dipped into any water source, brackish or not, and produce life-sustaining liquid. 

Future Goals:

The ultimate goal of Kids Better World is to foster global peace by providing the basic needs for all children so they can live and grow in a world of encouragement, collaboration, and sustainability. By nurturing and empowering our youth to create what is possible for them – even though cultures, belief systems, religion, race, and so much more will vary – they will have the opportunity to emerge as global leaders whose personal power will be based on respect, working for the common good, and cherishing life and the planet.


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