It happens. To our embarrassment and chagrin, we sometimes run out of money. We think we have the change in our pocket, purse or wallet, but discover we don’t. Many younger people don’t carry cash on them. They find it easier to swipe their debit or credit card instead. But what about those smaller purchases? The ones which cost just a few dollars? Have you ever not had the money to pay for something you intended on buying? What did you do? How did you handle the situation?

Perhaps you’ve been an observer. You see someone mortified scrounging for change to help pay their portion of a dinner tab or a few items at the checkout counter.

There are many true-to-life stories out there where complete strangers help others struggling to find money pay their share for them. This is yet another heartwarming story where someone steps in and lends a helping hand.

Charis Hope Hansen explains in a post what happened at a Hy-Vee grocery store in Cedar Falls, Iowa as she stood in the checkout line.

The family in line before her was, “scraping pennies (literally) and only had less than $3 on their EBT card.”

When they located the change they needed, they placed it on the conveyor. It rolled off and got stuck under the counter. Their cashier knew they couldn’t afford the total amount. He tried to retrieve most of the coins. While he counted them, he still knew they didn’t have enough to cover their bill. He pulled out his own wallet and added $2 just to help them get what they came for.

Hansen wrote: “When he did it, he did it like it was no big deal.”

Connor was the cashier; his benevolent act has touched many lives. This is shown by the 4.8 thousand likes Hansen’s post has received so far.

She wanted everyone to know how impressed she was with his generosity: “This young man went above and beyond for this customer, and I would love to see this man be recognized for an outstanding employee,” she said.

“What an act of selflessness and kindness to help someone less fortunate.”

Customers who have once met Connor had nothing but positive comments about him and the service he provided them: “He checked my son and I out last night, what a kind gentleman,” someone wrote.

“He has checked me out a few times,” another person mentioned. “Great manners and awesome customer service!.”

“I had the honor of having Conor check us out the last time I was at Hy-Vee, and he was very kind and had great customer service,” another said. “I hope he receives some recognition for paying it forward.”

Connor does indeed deserve an award for his good deed. Don’t you agree?