Miranda and her family just moved into a new home. When they first walked inside their house, the new homeowners found a note left by the previous owners. It was both a request and careful instructions. A feral cat was living in their backyard.

The kitty had been part of the home for a decade. “We immediately looked out the back sliding glass door, and he was looking at us through the door,” Miranda said.

The feral kitty had nothing to worry about. He hit the jackpot with his new caretakers. “We started laughing because we currently have five cats, all but one have been rescued,” Miranda said. “The house we lived in previously, people used to drop off their cats there, and we took them in.”

It’s taken time, but the cat has slowly begun to trust the family. “He used to hide anytime we came to the door. Now we can sit outside with him,” she said. “He will come up and eat now when the screen door is open, which he wouldn’t do before.”

We’re glad to hear this senior kitty feels at home with this new family. Good thing Miranda and her family are such enthusiastic cat people.