In the wake of the tragic mass shooting in Orlando, four churches have reached out to let the families of the victims know that they are not alone during this difficult time.

Florida Hospital Church in downtown Orlando, Metro Church in Winter Springs, Forest Lake Seventh-day Adventist Church in Apopka, and Forest City Spanish Adventist Church in Altamonte Springs have offered to hold funeral services for the victims of the shooting at no cost to the families.

“We want do more than just pray for Orlando. We’d like to serve Orlando,” said Pastor Seth Cain of Metro Church. “We have been called to be agents of God’s grace in this community.”

“This was not a part of God’s plan. He did not intend for these things to happen,” Cain said. “So if there’s anything we can do for you to help you through this time, please let us know.”

In addition to holding the services for free, both Adventist churches and Florida Hospital Church are offering live streaming of the services for those who are unable to attend, and Forest City Spanish Adventist can conduct funeral services in Spanish.

These churches’ actions have deeply touched many members of their community who are still reeling from this past weekend’s tragic events. Several took to Facebook to thank the churches for showing love and compassion in the midst of this tragedy, especially to a group of people whose lifestyles contradict the teachings of those churches.

“The love of Christ, in action!” wrote Russell Branham. “Thank you for using the tools of love and compassion to battle against the forces of darkness.”

“This is simply awesome,” wrote Shari Hampton. “To know that the church faith that I was born into, some 52 years ago, would make this sort of stand. As an openly gay, ‘back-sliding’ some would say, Adventist…I’m so very grateful for this offer to our LBGT families that are grieving.”

One man named Mike Gonzalez wrote that, “Truly you are a reflection of Christ to the community.”

Families who would like to hold funeral services at one of these churches can contact Florida Hospital Church at 407-898-0451, Metro Church at 407-366-7714, Forest Lake Seventh-day Adventist at 407-869-0680, and Forest City Spanish Adventist at 407-293-2971.

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