We all know Ellen DeGeneres loves surprises. Whether it’s surprising someone with a generous gift or scaring them onstage, she loves to instigate things that will shock her guests.

During this episode, though, Ellen took a backseat and helped one of her staff members pull off the ultimate surprise!

For one segment of her show, Ellen started talking to Aaron, her field producer, who she said was at Loyola University in Chicago. However, they started experiencing some technical difficulties and had to stop shooting while they tried to figure things out. While they did that, Ellen asked for her wardrobe assistant, Jen, to come on stage and help her with something.

Now it just so happened that Arron and Jen were dating at the time. While Jen was assisting, Ellen kept commenting on how cute Aaron was and how hard it must be for Jen while Aaron was away. “He should be here,” Ellen kept saying.

All of a sudden, Jen turned around, and who should be walking toward her but Aaron, dressed in a suit and not a hoodie like it showed on screen.

“What are you doing here?” Jen asked, sounding surprised and a little nervous.

We won’t spoil the surprise – click on the video below to see what happened next!

What a sweet surprise and a completely original way to propose! Jen was definitely not expecting that at all! And we know Ellen just loved getting to be a part of Aaron’s special proposal, using her sneaky surprising skills to make Jen and Aaron’s engagement an especially memorable one!

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