Villagers dressed in fluorescent jackets are pointing hairdryers at cars to mimic police using speed cameras in a bid to deter fast drivers in Moray.

Residents of Hopeman fear someone could be seriously injured or killed by speeding drivers.

It follows concern about cars reaching speeds of up to 60mph as they travel through the area. There is a long straight leading out of the village.

Residents including children have now resorted to the hairdryers.

Moray councillor Dennis Slater, who lives in Hopeman, told BBC Scotland: “It’s very dangerous, the speed that the traffic is doing through Hopeman is quite serious, especially when the kids are going to school in the morning – it’s quite alarming.

“This is why some of the residents have resorted to taking out hairdryers and putting on hi-vis vests to try to slow the traffic down.


“We don’t like to be seen standing with hairdryers and hi-vis vests, we are trying to emphasise to people the desperate situation.

“Please slow down going through our community.”

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