Hotel staff isn’t always appreciated by guests. They work hard ensuring our stay is comfortable and stress-free. I like leaving tips whenever possible. The housekeepers keep my room spotless and smelling great. The bedsheets are fresh and clean. There are plenty of bath towels and washcloths, soaps and other necessities I might’ve forgotten in my haste to pack. While I’m not advocating leaving valuables out in the open; most housekeeping staff are honest and trustworthy.

An older couple from Ypsilanti, Michigan decided it was time to pack up their home and move to Kentucky to be closer to their children and family. Everything was in order. The moving van was stuffed with years of their belongings; all the arrangements were made. They had a wad of cash to pay the movers, bills at their new home already waiting and just a few suitcases to stow away.

The cash totaled more than $11,000; the couple kept it close to their side in the wife’s handbag. All was going perfectly. When they reached their new home, they realized something dreadful. Something that sent them to the floor in despair. The money was gone!

The wife’s purse, where they kept the cash, credit cards and IDs was missing. The distraught couple didn’t know where they’d lost the bag. They didn’t know who to call. Fortunately, they didn’t need to worry too long because someone was already working on getting their valuables returned to them. Their angel was Brigid Murray, a housekeeper at the Regent Hotel in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

She found the purse in the bottom drawer of their hotel room’s dresser. Brigid could’ve easily taken the money herself, but she did the honest thing, allowing the couple to start their new life in Kentucky. See how her heartwarming actions panned out in the video below.