With the recent cold snap that wrapped much of North America in its brutal clutches, it’s unfortunate, but people succumbed to the elements. In subzero temperatures, if not adequately protected, frostbite can occur within a half hour. Death would soon follow. During these frigid temperatures, it’s crucial to check in on your older neighbors and family members, particularly if they live alone.

Ontario authorities were called to the farm of 90-year-old grant and his wife, 83-year-old Ada Trieber on Wednesday morning, January 2nd. Officials were there to carry out a wellness check on the elderly couple.

Sadly, they found both Ada and grant deceased on their property. It’s believed Grant had died of a massive heart attack in the open barn early on Tuesday morning. Ada, his wife, was found outside; it’s thought she went out in the freezing cold in search of Grant when she died. Temperatures that night dipped to a dangerous 14 degrees.

The time of death for the couple is unclear. But an obituary says they passed away within hours of each other: “His loving and supportive wife died trying to save the love of her life,” read an obituary.

Family members remember the pair with loving fondness: “We so loved listening to Uncle Grant’s wonderful tales of days gone by, his boisterous laugh and  to Aunt Ada saying ‘Oh, Grant!”‘ relatives Rob and Karen Jolly said in a condolence notice. “They very obviously adored each other.”

A neighbor who knew the loving couple for six decades said:: “They were very close. They loved being in their home.”

Stories like this one are always sad to read. Take care of yourselves and those you love. Make sure everyone is kept safe, dry and warm.