An animal rescue group, Hope For Paws, got a tip on their emergency line from a concerned neighbor. A little dog had been living outside, sleeping on a wet cardboard box for weeks, and possibly longer.

The little pup didn’t belong to the homeowners. She just showed up there. Fortunately, they had been feeding her, but she was clearly not doing well.

The sweet little dog, in her readily apparent exhaustion, didn’t even resist as the rescuers gently put their “lucky leash” on her as she huddled on the box.

Princess Chihuahua

Upon closer inspection, they noticed the dog was missing a leg. She sweetly looked at the rescuers as they gathered her up, promising “she would be treated like royalty going forward.”

One of the rescuers, Loreta Frankonyte, wrapped her in a warm fuzzy blanket and cradled her in her lap on the way to the veterinarian. She would call the adorable little Chihuahua mix, “Princess.”

There, they gave her a bath and treated her for a flea infestation. The doctor found out she was suffering from severe anemia and would need to stay for several weeks to get her back to full health.

Princess Chihuahua

Soon, she had recovered, radiating a newfound sense of joy as she interacted with everyone around her.

Princess is ready to find her forever home, after being lavished with all that love, attention, and care.

This little dog will be a special companion for one adoring family who will no doubt love her gentle and sweet mild-mannered temper. Maybe it’s you, or someone you know?

For information on adopting Princess, or another special friend waiting for you, contact Smooch Pooch Dog Rescue. Or share this story, and help Princess and other rescued animals find the loving home they deserve.

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See Princess in the video that follows.

Today we’re celebrating Loreta Frankonyte’s birthday and here she is with me saving Hermione:…

Posted by Hope For Paws on Sunday, March 4, 2018

Featured image: Screenshot via Rumble