Our pets promise to be loyal to us and love us. All they ask for in return is that we take care of them and show them love.

But that’s not what Pearl’s family did.

Maybe they thought they were loving her by giving theJack Russell Terrier lots of treats and table scraps, but what they were doing was really hurting her.

The average Jack Russell weighs between 14 and 18 pounds, but by the time Pearl was 4 years old she already weighed a whopping 80 pounds.

The once energetic and happy dog was so obese that she couldn’t walk, or even turn her head.

Then came the worst part of all – Pearl’s family abandoned her in an empty parking lot, leaving her for dead.

Thankfully some kind-hearted people found the poor pooch and decided to see if they could save her.

She was so heavy that the only way the rescuers could transport her was by carrying her in a sheet held by several people.

When a vet examined her he gave a grave prognosis – Pearl was so unhealthy that her heart could stop working at any moment.

Determined to give her a fresh start in life, trainers and vets worked to create a diet and exercise program that would help Pearl lose about 1 pound each week.

The going wasn’t easy, and they faced some setbacks, like when Pearl got pneumonia and couldn’t exercise for a few weeks, but slowly the weight started to come off.

Using exercise balls and an underwater treadmill, Pearl slimmed down to a much healthier 44 pounds!

Once her weight started to disappear, Pearl’s personality began to come back. She was once again the happy, curious dog she had once been!

Thankfully Pearl’s life was saved and she was able to find a loving forever home with a family that keeps her active and shows her lots of love.

Hopefully Pearl’s story will serve as a warning and example to other families – the best way to show love to your pet is to keep them healthy and take good care of them!

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