As a pet owner, nothing is more exciting than arriving home and finding your furry friend cheerfully waiting at the door for you, ready to jump on you and attack you with licks. Animals can be so welcoming, uplifting, and affectionate. Their tenderness is beyond contagious, and it is always appreciated.

While there are many breeds of dogs, their personality types can almost always be boiled down to two sorts: the ones who embrace trespassers and the ones who scare them off.

We all know what the latter looks like: the loud and incessant barking, the high-speed chase through the yard, the (in some cases) bites and scratches. They are the easiest to spot as their territorial antics will begin to ensue from even a mile away. These pets can make the day-to-day lives of mailmen, gardeners, garbage men, playing children, and neighborhood walkers an absolute fright.

The other type of dog would never act aggressively toward anyone. We know our little companion would never take on the above-mentioned behaviors with us, but seeing them share that endearment with the people around them – even strangers – helps us make our special friends a part of our big world!

Joshua Byrne is the owner of a cute and approachable dog named Shelby, a rescue pet from the Carolinas. Shelby has been nothing short of sociable and loving to Joshua and his family, but her owner has found himself amazed by the fact that her fondness for people knows no limits.

Two days out of the week, Shelby gets to interact with the garbage truck driver who comes to Joshua’s neighborhood. Each time the two meet there is playing, smiling, licking, and evident rejoicing.

Joshua had noticed their interactions a few times and decided to actually record it for others to see as well. In the video, we see an excited garbageman ready for his twice-a-week fun with a friendly dog, and that friendly dog more than happy to reciprocate the enthusiasm.

After a few seconds of recording, the garbage man caught Joshua filming and the two immediately burst into laughter and started up a conversation.

Everything about the interaction is just heartwarming. People from all over have fallen in love with Shelby – the clip has received more than 6 million views! – and I’m sure you will, too!

Thank you for sharing such an adorable and touching video with us, Joshua! There’s no better way to brighten our day!

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