Kate and David Ogg had been trying to get pregnant for three years. Though it was difficult, they persevered and were delighted when they found out they were expecting twins.

The overjoyed couple began to prepare for the two little lives that would soon be making their appearance, but the babies decided to come a little sooner than expected. At 26 weeks, Kate started to go into labor.

The labor and delivery were terrifying for Kate, who knew the babies were coming too soon. After both babies were born the doctor asked if they had a name picked out for a boy. When she told him Jamie, he sadly told her that little Jamie had not survived.

Heartbroken, Kate held onto her newborn son and had David climb into the bed with her, wanting to wrap the lifeless body in as much warmth as possible.

The two tearfully began to describe the big plans they had for him and told him he needed to live because he had a twin sister – Emily – who he needed to take care of and protect.

All of a sudden, as they lay there crying and saying goodbye to their son, something happened that can only be described as a miracle. Click below to see it for yourself!

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