A mother’s intuition can be more accurate than we often give it credit for. Sometimes that gut instinct has saved a teenager from going to a party gone wrong or from dating that not so nice guy. In more urgent cases, mothers have rescued their children from silently choking or accidentally suffocating, all off of intuition.

This intuition has proved to be unusually accurate and extraordinarily beneficial. It’s a gift from God, really.

Not only can this instinct be a lifesaver, it can also help when making decisions that will affect our kids. A lot of mothers rely on their intuition when choosing a doctor’s office for their baby, a preschool for their toddler, or even a car for their growing family.

The decisions a mother faces in regards to her children are endless and sometimes what’s in front of her can’t always be the determining factor.

This was definitely the case for Shannon.

Shannon and her husband were ecstatic when they found out they were expecting a baby, but when they went in for a routine ultrasound, doctors gave them the most heartbreaking news: she’d had a miscarriage.

Doctors told Shannon that inside her gestational sac there was no embryo and no heartbeat. They performed test after test and Shannon prayed they were wrong, but soon she got the phone call confirming the horror.

“He said, ‘I’m so sorry, but your pregnancy is not viable,’” Shannon recalled.

The next order of procedure would be to have a dilation and curettage performed, an operation where the contents of her uterus would be extracted to avert infections and hemorrhaging.

Though Shannon knew this was the necessary course of action, something in her heart told her to hold off on it for just a little longer.

She convinced the hospital to push back the surgery for two weeks. When the day came, Shannon begged the technician to do one last ultrasound.

As she looked at the screen, Shannon noticed “just the tiniest fleck of light.” Hopeful, she brought it to the doctor’s attention.

When the doctor zoomed in, something miraculous happened – he found a heartbeat!

Now, that fleck of light is Shannon’s 12-year-old daughter who was born completely healthy. What a miracle!

Had Shannon not been courageous and confident enough to listen to her intuition, she would not have the beautiful and remarkable daughter she does now.

What an incredible story! We’re so glad Shannon trusted her gut!

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