Every time a woman gives birth is special and beautiful, but for one mom, her delivery was truly remarkable. In fact, the chances of what happened to her happening again are only 1 in 80,000!

She went into the operating room to have a c-section performed, but when the baby was delivered the doctors gasped – it was born still inside the amniotic sac!

The breaking of the amniotic sac is informally known as a woman’s “water” breaking, which is usually an indication that she is ready to give birth. It is extremely uncommon for a baby to be born within a fully intact sac, or “en caul.”

In the video below, you can hear the staff and witnesses shouting with surprise about the unexpected event. You can see the baby’s face through the sac just before the doctor punctures it to allow the baby to breathe.

As unusual as this phenomenon is, it does not harm or suffocate the baby in any way. It’s just one of those things that makes us stop and appreciate how miraculous childbirth truly is!

The story of this incredible birth led other mothers to share theirs. One mom posted a photo of her newborn baby who was also born still inside the amniotic sac…and in the car! Thankfully, her baby was completely healthy as well.

Our birth story! ❤ The human body is truly an amazing thing. 8.5.2017 at about 10am I started having contractions. I was only 29 weeks and 4 days so I just figured they were Braxton hicks and decided to wait it out. After about 45 minutes of consistent contractions that were increasing in intensity I decided I should probably go in. I there in some clothes. Grabbed my daughter some clothes, her my fiance And I left for the hospital. I dropped my daughter to her God mommy Nicole And headed to the hospital. Well the contractions continued to get closer together and more intense and before I knew it I knew it was time to push. I called 911 because I was so scared. They couldn’t understand me between the screams with contractions. So I handed the phone to my fiance. I pulled my pants off and reached down, sure enough his head was right there. I pushed one time and my miracle baby was here. When I looked down I realized he was still completely wrapped in the amniotic sac. The dispatcher told us to pull over. But I knew we would make it to the hospital before they would make it to us. So I told Ean to keep driving. I was so scared. My Fiance was so calm driving and on the phone with 911. At first the baby was still and all I could do was pray he would be okay. And then I rubbed his face with my thumb and he pulled his little hands and feet up to his face as if he understood my prayers and wanted to reassure us he was okay. About 7 minutes passed that I held this miracle baby in my hands until we made it to the hospital. A familiar face came running out and grabbed my baby. He was born an caul. This happens 1 in every 80,000 births. Usually during c-section. He was 3lb 1oz. He doing wonderful all things considered all He went through I know he’s going to be an awesome little man! ❤ he is truly a miracle​ baby. We are so blessed to be his parents. #encaul #encaulbirth #carbirth #miriclebaby

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I love that these babies are beating odds already! I hope they continue to stand out from the crowd as they grow older!

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