The nine months of pregnancy that a mother goes through – and that her loved ones get to witness – can be equal parts exciting and nerve-racking. What takes place inside a woman’s womb during this time can determine the kind of life that her child lives once she gives birth. Any stop, delay, or interruption in the baby’s development can bring with it a plethora of problems.

Our inability to see every single thing that takes place inside of us can create an anxiety that can only be calmed once we have our perfect and healthy baby in our arms. In the meantime, we hope, pray, and enjoy the unexplainable experience.

There are so many things that take place during pregnancy, starting with the fact that a baby is literally forming from scratch. Just thinking about all the things that are fashioned together inside of the mother’s uterus blows my mind. It’s truly remarkable!

A baby’s development in and of itself is incredible, but one baby’s healthy birth was more than that – it was miraculous, leaving the doctor amazed and the father reaching for his camera.

In the womb, the mother and fetus are connected through an umbilical cord which transports nutrients to the baby and gets rid of waste so the baby develops properly and receives all that it needs.

Energetic babies have been known to disturb the flow of the umbilical cord. Unfortunately, those disturbances can be detrimental, even fatal. The cord can wrap around the baby’s head or neck and, in some cases, it can not be connected to the baby at all. Regardless of what happens, any complications with the umbilical cord are not a good thing.

This dad was amazed as he watched his child enter the world, and he was relieved when he saw that the baby was healthy, strong, and breathing.

But when the doctor looked down, he noticed something that should have prevented that: the umbilical cord was tied in a perfect knot.

Knotted umbilical cords are often the reason babies die in the womb or are born with severe medical issues, but in this baby’s case, it didn’t stop a thing.

“Hurry up dad, take a picture – your baby is a miracle,” the doctor commanded.

A miracle indeed!

We are so happy for this miracle baby and the family that gets to celebrate and bring him home! We pray all that best for them and that their child will continue to grow up healthy and strong!

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