Imagine if no one ever acknowledged your birthday. Your whole life, from the time you were a child until now, you never had a birthday party. Never received any birthday presents. Never even got a slice of birthday cake.

Sadly, George Belarmino doesn’t have to imagine. The 52-year-old has never once had a birthday party…That is, until now.

George’s friend, Letlet Umali Lector, who lives in the Philippines and works with disabled people in the area, wanted to give George a special birthday that he would always remember.

Thankfully, the staff at their local McDonald’s stepped up to help Letlet make his dream for George a reality.

Letlet’s family took George to the fast food chain for a meal and, as they sat there, the McDonald’s employees brought out a cake and balloons for George while they sang him “Happy Birthday.”

“This Mcdonald’s family came through for us,” Letlet wrote in a Facebook post. “They were gracious enough to accommodate us and they even gave balloons and sang a birthday song for George. And they gave us six choco hot fudge sundaes for free!”

It was clear by the look on George’s face and the way he clapped along to the song that he was loving every second of the surprise!

“This is just a simple celebration,” Letlet wrote, “but for my friend George, this is one birthday he will never forget. George, Happy 52nd Birthday!”

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