Your wedding can be one of the most joyous events of your life. It takes months, even years, of planning trying to make sure every detail is perfect and finalized: the venue is booked, the food is confirmed, and all of the important seats have been reserved.

It doesn’t matter if the special day is a small, intimate gathering or a huge ballroom party, the celebration is almost always a memory that stays on the mind long after the day has passed.

Sometimes it’s the music and food that are looked back on fondly, other times it’s the dancing and connecting. However, for Marília Pieroni and Matheus Gomes Martins, it was an uninvited guest that made their day absolutely unforgettable.

Marília and Matheus spent two years planning their beautiful, elegant outdoor wedding in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Unfortunately, when the big day arrived, the weather didn’t behave as they had hoped. Rain forced them to let go of their dreams of an outdoor ceremony and enjoy the festivities under a tent instead.

The guests were more than happy to comply with the change in venue; but as they were taking their seats, an unsuspected visitor took it upon himself to join them as well.

Looking for shelter from the rain was a tired and wet stray dog who clearly wasn’t aware of the exclusivity of the event. Despite the ushers’ consistent attempts to get the dog to leave, he continued to walk through the tent like he was supposed to be there, muddy paws and all!

Marília, a known animal lover, was more than happy to share her significant day with the street dog who unhesitatingly made himself comfortable.

“As the ceremony started, to everyone’s surprise, it was the dog who came in when the bridal chorus began to play,” Marília laughed.

And he didn’t stop there!

When the bride and groom stood at the altar to exchange vows, the stray dog laid himself down on Marília’s veil! Surprisingly, the bride wasn’t upset at all.

“It was a very pleasant surprise for me. Because I love animals,” Marilia said, “I liked it very much.”

Soon enough, the rain did stop, and when it did the dog went on his way again. Some of the guests were happy to see him go, but the new husband and wife found themselves missing the dog. In just those short few moments, the two had fallen in love with the canine and knew they wanted him to be a part of their lives.

When the ceremony was over, the couple could not find him. But with the help of their community, after about a week of not being able to get the dog off their minds, they were able to track down the stray…and adopt him!

“We decided to adopt him because we knew he was an animal that lived on the street,” Marilia said. “Today he is super good, happy, feeding properly, going out for a walk and we are even happier.”

Now Marília and Matheus are living at home with the new addition to their family – the street dog they have named Snoop.

“He came home, and I showered him,” said Marília. “He played a lot, ate, drank water. He is very happy and slept super good the first night. We’re all very happy.”

What a cute story of how an unexpected guest turned out to be exactly what two people needed. Congratulations to the bride and groom on the commencement of a lifelong love and on finding a lifelong friend in the process!

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