Families can have traditions for all kinds of things. They can be big traditions, like annual family reunions or certain rituals that are only done on special holidays, or small traditions, like having dinner together every night or saying a special prayer before bedtime.

When Ron Alston’s daughter was born he knew he wanted to carry on a tradition that his father had started with him.

Starting when Ron was young, his dad would stand him in front of the mirror and have him recite daily affirmations.

“My dad did this with me in the mirror as well, which I believe has helped to make me more confident and positive,” Ron said.

Carrying on the tradition, the Virginia dad, who is also a personal trainer and wellness coach, does the same thing with his daughter, Aliya, every morning.

“I am strong. I am smart. I am beautiful,” they start.

Repeating after her dad, Aliya goes on to acknowledge that she’s not better than anyone, but also notes that no one else is better than her either.

The duo finishes their routine by thanking God for blessing them.

For Ron, this tradition is a very important one to pass on to his daughter.

“It’s very important for me to share these messages with her because there will be many people that try to tear her down and make her feel less than what she is,” he said.

“I want her to remember that if she ever falls in life, she is to get back up and keep going,” he continued. “I want her to learn to accept all people and to never place herself above anyone, but to never allow someone to make her feel any less than the amazing young woman she is.”

With a dad like this, we’re sure little Aliya is going to grow up to be a pretty special young lady! We just wish more dads would take the time to affirm their children and raise them well!


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