Any time a soldier is deployed it is hard for them and the loved ones they leave behind, but for couple Vee Godoy and Brandon Phillips it is especially difficult. That’s because Vee is pregnant, and Brandon will be deployed for the rest of her pregnancy.

He knew he was going to miss so many big things, like ultrasounds and feeling the baby kick and talking to the baby while he rubbed Vee’s growing belly. He won’t even get to be there when the baby is born.

Being gone during this time is incredibly difficult, and while Brandon can’t physically be there with Vee, he wanted to at least be there with her in spirit and show her his love and support.

He knew Vee was going to have some maternity photos taken, so he had someone take a picture of him and sent it to photographer Jennifer Ariel to see if she could somehow incorporate it into the maternity shoot.

When Brandon and Vee got the pictures back they couldn’t believe their eyes. The final image was absolutely stunning and it perfectly captured Brandon’s love for Vee and their unborn baby.

While it is difficult to have Brandon so far away during this momentous time in her life, Vee is waiting expectantly for the day he will return and meet their little one. Until that time she has this beautiful photo to remind her of his love. Even though many miles separate them, their hearts will be forever intertwined.

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