Claire Ryann first worked her way into our hearts when she recorded her adorable version of “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid. The video instantly went viral and her new fans couldn’t wait to hear what she would do next.

Well, the wait is over! The adorable 3-year-old Disney fan and her music producer father, Dave Crosby, have created another magical music video that is sure to steal your heart.

This time Claire Ryann channels a different Disney princess – Rapunzel from Tangled – and her dad joins her as Flynn Rider.

The video starts out with the two of them in a boat on a lake, Claire Ryann singing “I See The Light” and her dad accompanying her on the guitar, complete with a chameleon playing Rapunzel’s sidekick Pascal.

But the true magic comes next. The pair filmed their video at the Salt Lake City, Utah, Lantern Fest. Riding on her dad’s shoulders, the little princess is surrounded by thousands of lanterns lighting up the dark sky around her.

When Dave jumps in on vocals, your heart just might explode!

Click below to see the newest viral sensation:

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