There is little that stirs a woman’s heart more than watching a man who is good with kids. For a new mom, watching her husband become a father and soften in the way he shows love to their child just does her heart good.

Lots of dads can’t wait for their kids to grow up so they can teach them how to fish or throw a ball or fix a car. But this new dad – who also happens to be a musician – doesn’t have to wait to include his little one in his hobbies. He cradles the newborn in his arms as he plays the piano and sings.

Mom is filming as dad starts to play the first notes of a lullaby, but while his voice is soothing, the words of the song have mom giggling right away.

“Are you going to sleep, my little boy,” he starts. “Are you gonna scream all night…again.”

By the end of the song, though, mom is “aww-ing,” and his words will resonate with any parent, new or old.


It is clear this little boy already has his dad wrapped around his little finger!

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