Nayeli Garzon-Jimenez was home alone with her three-month-old baby girl when her biggest nightmare came true.

She was on the phone with her husband, Adolfo Angeles-Morales, when she heard a strange noise at the back door.

“I told her go check who is it because I’m already at my job,” Adolfo recalled. “In the same second I hear the noise over my phone and she started screaming and crying and said someone just stuck their hand in the door.”

An armed couple had broken through the back door and was demanding money from the frightened mother.

When Nayeli told them she didn’t have any money the woman grabbed the baby out of her arms and headed toward the door.

Nayeli wasn’t about to let her baby go without a fight.

“She fought with the lady, because she tried to go by the kitchen, and she held her by the shirt,” Adolfo said. “Then guy come back and hit her with a gun.”

The woman ran out the back door with the baby, but little did she know there were some guardian angels waiting for her…

When the family’s two pit bulls saw the woman trying to escape they refused to let her out the door. They began to snarl and snap at her.

The woman was so frightened she ran back toward the front door. She threw the baby back at Nayeli as she and her partner ran out of the house empty-handed.

Nayeli suffered a cut on her forehead where she was hit by the gun and had bruises on her body, but otherwise she and the baby were fine.

She was understandably shaken, but thankful that she and her family were safe.

“Thank god everything’s okay,” Adolfo said after the incident, “my baby and my wife.”


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