Here’s something I’m sure most McDonald’s employees don’t see everyday – a person ordering drive-thru from the back of a police cruiser.

The person working at this McDonald’s drive-thru window was definitely in for a surprise when a cop pulled up to the window only to keep driving and let the person in the back of his car pick up the order.

An officer identified only as TC from the Bangor Maine Police Department shared in a Facebook post that the police department has been the recipient of hundreds of gift cards over the past year. However, there was one little catch to those gifts.

“These gift cards are not for us,” TC wrote. “The cards have been given to us so that we can give them to folks that could use a warm meal or a cup of coffee and a little something to go along with it.”

“I wouldn’t call a five dollar gift card to McDonalds or Dunkin Donuts a life changing event,” he added. “But, I defy you tell me that we cannot make one day just a little bit better.”

On Sunday night officers John Hermanson and Jeremy Caron were on patrol. Temperatures that evening went as low as 9 degrees below zero.

When they saw a couple of homeless men standing outside they decided to pick them up and show them a little kindness.

The officers drove the men to McDonald’s and let them order what they wanted at the drive-thru.

“The men in the backseat got a real kick out of ordering at the drive-thru from the back of a cop car,” TC said.

Even better was when they pulled up to the window to collect their food.

“They laughed even harder when John pulled up to the window and they were able to take the bag of food by reaching out from the rear seat of the cop car,” TC wrote. “We think the Mickey Dees employee also got a kick out of it.”


TC said he shared the story not to give praise to the officers, but to show how these officers use their position to become “a conduit for kindness.”

“Four men, two gift cards, a laugh, and maybe a connection,” he wrote.

These are the kinds of connections and kindnesses we need more of in this world. If we all showed a little more kindness this world would be a much better place!

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