Children are smarter than some adults give them credit for. Off-duty police officer Sgt. Scott Holt from Waco, Texas, was headed out to help those left stranded and homeless by Hurricane Harvey when his young daughter gave him something from her heart.

She had written a heartwarming note that communicated how well she understands the magnitude of the natural disaster impacting the people of Texas and the country as a whole.

“Dear Daddy,” the note read, “I hope you don’t get hurt, but I hope you help other people that need it more than you do.

“I hope no one gets hurt more. I hope everyone gets away the hurricane. I love you!”

The Waco Police Department posted a photo of the little girl’s touching note on their Facebook page.

“I know this young lady personally,” Sgt. Patrick Swanton wrote. “And know that it took everything that her daddy could do to keep her from loading up with him to go.”

We’re sure Sgt. Holt is incredibly proud of his little girl for her compassion and sympathy for everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath. 

It’s not difficult for us to see why little MaKenna would have so much concern for total strangers. The images constantly flashing online and in news broadcasts have drawn thousands of volunteers to the Southwest to do all they can to help others they don’t know. Everyone is coming together during this trying time, offering a helping hand, food, transportation, shelter, and rescue, proving there’s hope during moments of chaos.

Sgt. Holt and other officers from the Waco Police Department traveled to Houston on their own time, money, and boats. They will remain in the waterlogged city until they are no longer needed.

“They’re doing it because they care about Houston,” Swanton told CNN. They are rescuing people in the Conroe Woods area of Houston and “will stay as long as they can safely without being a hindrance.”

We love the selflessness of these officers and the care and kindness shown by one little girl, not just for her father, but for everyone who crosses his path.

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