Growing up we loved to play games like “Cops and Robbers.” Of course we all liked being the police officer chasing down the robbers, but sometimes it was fun to play the bad guy too!

This police officer dad knows that it can be thrilling to sometimes play the crafty criminal. In this adorable video that has been making the rounds on the internet, he pulls over his two young children, who are driving a toy car, and asks them a few serious questions.

The kids’ responses to their dad might surprise you. See the cute criminals in action by clicking below:

Source: Kids get ‘pulled over’ by their cop dad by KennyBowman on Rumble

“Do you know why I pulled you over?” he asks his daughter.

“Because we’re too cute,” she sasses back.

Then when he asks why they aren’t buckled she tells him to mind his own business and peals away in the getaway car with the officer in hot pursuit!

We’re sure this dad is teaching his kids the importance of following the law and being good citizens, but it’s nice to see a father having fun with his kids and encouraging a little mischief too.

It’s clear these kids have a good dad watching out for them, even if they seem like hardened criminals on the outside.

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