Siblings. You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.

Growing up, my siblings and I would get into arguments about all kinds of things, and I remember thinking on multiple occasions that I wished I had been an only child. But the beauty of siblings is that, despite the stupid fights and silly arguments, you always know that when push comes to shove you’ve got each others’ backs.

One girl found that out recently when she was going through a tough time. Twitter user Pres had been crying when she got a text from her 13-year-old brother, Liam.

“Hi pres I hope U are doing o k I heard u crying,” he wrote. “There is ice cream in the freezer for U. I don’t know as much as U but if U need a person to listen I can.”

Pres was so touched by her brother’s sweet gesture that she shared his text on Twitter, writing, “my 13 year old brother is nicer than most of my friends.”

It is so sweet to see a brother caring for his sister. Even though he didn’t know what was wrong and didn’t even know what he could say to help, he wanted to do whatever he could to make Pres feel better and was willing to provide a listening ear if she needed one.

The heartfelt text has struck a chord with many, reminding them how special sibling relationships truly are. Since Pres shared the text it has been liked and shared thousands of times.

Even though siblings are experts at driving each other crazy, all those frustrations and annoyances are worth it for moments like these.

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